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Eddy TangChairman & CEO
Executive Director
Union Medical Healthcare Limited (Hong Kong)
Ray Lai
CEO (Hong Kong)
創盛地產, Managing Director (Malaysia)
“上咗 Brian 課程,令到我創盛地產規模增長30%”
Marcus Lim
創盛地產, CEO (Malaysia)
Boris Tse
Branch Manager
Prudential Insurance (Hong Kong)
Jenn Goh
Investment Bank (Malaysia)

“Brian makes me believe in myself, gives me confidence, thinks that I can do it and agree with my philosophy, because integrity, professionalism and doing something to give back to society, these three values ​​are my core values. The value of the core makes me the indicator and cornerstone for building a team, and Brian not only agrees with my philosophy, but also gives me different points! Thanks Brian Cha!”

Phoebe Lee

Sun Life Financial Hong Kong
Financial Planning Director
Sylvia Lye
Media Company (Malaysia)
Gisele Tam
Manulife (Macau)
Lily Wong
Classy Club Founder, CEO (Hong Kong)

“Recalling that two years ago, my colleagues and I participated in Brian’s course. Listening to his experience of breaking the world record and sharing his heart journey, I have great feelings and great encouragement! Through his sharing, our team is here. The development of two years has a great positive impact! Sincerely recommend it to everyone!”

Nathan Lok

District Director
AIA Hong Kong

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“Thank you Brian Cha for teaching a very effective course “Charming Sales” to my team! This course has helped my team make a big step forward, including their thinking, which has broken through many of their past limitations and broke through their past models, which has helped them greatly in the sales process! It also allowed us to win the company’s competition in just three months and break the record! Thanks again to Brian for helping my team!”

May Wong

Senior District Director
Manulife Financial Centre

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“I have been in the insurance industry for almost 30 years. I have always had the habit of setting goals. But when I finished Brian’s class, I found that the goal was to establish a higher level of knowledge. He taught me the characteristics of some successful people. Some talking skills! Great help for my work!”

Bon Lee

Senior Branch Manager
AXA China Region Insurance Co. Ltd

“Before you didn’t go to the church, you actually set the left goal to be MDRT! I originally planned to reach a goal at the end of the year, but after finishing Brian’s class, I have a big breakthrough! After finishing the church, let me At the end of May has become MDRT”

M Boris Tse

Branch Manager
Prudential Hong Kong Limited

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“The insurance itself is more sensitive, and I opened a new Facebook. From May 2 to now (May 23), there are already 700 people who have added my Facebook, took the initiative to find me, want to join me. team.”

Jess Chan

Senior Unit Manager
Prudential Hong Kong Limited

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